Mother Goddess

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This elusive story, now no longer available anywhere, features LQ's obsession with her character Jenna. She had reportedly flamed all Zelda romances, claiming her self-insert was unique, and wrote this story to bash stories she disagreed with. Each "timeline" she refers to is another story, and her "Mother Goddess" character "fixes" the timelines to ensure that Link stays married to Jenna. It is a bizarre but revealing trait of her reality-escaping personality.

Mother Goddess by Link's Queen

Authors notes: This story is based on a char. I created called Sclyina.

She is called the Mother Goddess since she is the one who created all life.

Now this story is linked to my other story called "My Inner Life"

This story talkes about Sclyina's history with Planet Gaia, the planet where Hyrule rests on. We follow Sclyina down her woes as she talkes about her past histories with having to save Hyrule from more then one evil.

Now as you read this, you will find that this story has many references to stories I've seen on this site.

So be warned.

Now the chars used in this story are all mine except, the ones related to Zelda.

Any usage of the chars. Sclyina, her guardians Kronos, Ice Dancer, and my version of Mew, Link's children: Link jr. Elyesia, Roan, and Reena will be prosecuted with out my express permission to use them.

I put years of sweat, blood and soul into their creation and I don't want them stolen. I will protect them with all legal avenues.

Rated pg=13 for adult language, blood content and violence.

The Mother Goddess

Chptr 1. Dark memories

Blue sky, a cool breeze, Sclyina looked up from the balcony of her castle in the Fifth Dimension.

The wind blew threw her hair as she stretched out her wings to fan them. She flexed out her claws as she watched the distant clouds roll, causing shapes of creatures to form in them.

The beautiful scenery of the land bellow always made for peaceful thoughts.

She sniffed the air and a familiar scent filled her nostrils.

"Ah Kronos, you've finally returned." Sclyina said as her eyes continued to look down. The shape of a muscular black dragon appeared in the doorway behind her.

He flapped his wings before folding them and approaching her.

"I just finished my rounds around planet Gaia." Kronos said as his yellow eyes moved across the peaceful landscape. "All is peaceful even in the land of Hyrule." Sclyina looked up once more then gracefully turned her cat face towards him.

Her emerald green eyes stared down into his. "Did you patrol all versions and timelines, specially the one where Link's wife has obtained elemental powers?"

Sclyina questioned, her ears twitching. "Yes I did Mother, all is quiet, no signs of evil in all versions of Hyrule." Kronos's tail twitched as he scanned over Sclyina's expression. With a sigh Sclyina resumed looking over the landscape.

"We must make sure that no evil ever takes over Hyrule, especially nothing must befall their "Hero of Time." "He is the key, all life outside and in depends on it."

Sclyina's emerald eyes grew a worried look as haunting memories filled into her mind.

"Even with my powers, my Prime Directive will always stand."

"Not to interfere with the lives of my children."

That is why I appointed you and your sister guardians Mew and Ice Dancer."

Kronos's nostrils flared as stared at Sclyina's back.

"I understand Mother, I will rally Ice dancer and Mew, and pass the Guardian's Crystal on to them so they may watch over Hyrule with out interference." "I think that's a wise decision my son."

"Now go find your sisters and keep Hyrule protected, we must never have anymore incidents, as we have in the past." Sclyina said her voice filled with concern. "Yes Mother." Kronos returned. Then the black dragon bowed, turned and walked out.

Sclyina resumed scanning the landscape of the land bellow her castle.
How she enjoyed watching the teeming life she created, roaming free on the planes she created for them.

But today she could not enjoy her usual way to relax.

Her mind was filled with haunting memories of past incidents where, evil in many shapes almost took over Hyrule.

Hyrule was the key, the one she used to connect all life she created. It was the prototype, used in creating her children. By doing so, all life outside Hyrule, and beyond the planet is now linked to it, but it is Link who held the key.

Link is the first wave of protection that Hyrule has, but most of all, he is linked to the Triforce.

It was the Triforce, in which Sclyina created threw the goddesses, as the center of Hyrule's creation.

And it is the Triforce that gives life to Hyrule. If anything should befall Link, Hyrule will die, and if Hyrule dies all life outside the planet will succumb to the effects of its demise. Even though she could stop any evil with the power she possesses, it's the Prime Directive she set up that keeps her from personally interfering with the lives of her children unless its too big for her guardians to handle.

She begun to remember the times where she did indeed have to step in on more then one occasion, preventing a catastrophic disaster each time.

Like the time where a dark vampire invaded Hyrule. He persuaded Gannondorf into joining the vampire world with him. Together they infected half of Hyrule with the vampire virus, including Link and left a trail of blood behind them.

When Link's connection with the Triforce was severed due to him being infected, the land fell sick, causing disasters on neighboring worlds. She physically had to go there and dispose of the evil being. The stress it caused, she remembered that it took nearly a week to clean out the virus and turn all affected back to normal.

What was even worse is that with her morals, all that died in that dark time, were not allowed to be revived.

The only one, who is an exception, is Link, since he is the key. But thank god Link was not added to the body count. What a mess that was for the rest of all life. The dark event nearly caused havoc on other races as the virus started spreading to other worlds.

Then it was the additional cleaning that it took her to rid the worlds of the virus and restore the lives of the affected.

Then there was the time where Link was lured back to the Water Temple by the alter image of himself.

What a atrocity that was, it sickened Sclyina for days, as she remembered that Link's copy lured him there in an act of dark lust.

The thought of it made her stomach lurch.

She even remembered the pain he felt as he was being violated.

Something that still haunts her to this day. It was even harder when she teleported into the room to retrieve Link, and saw the hero being violated by the sick being.

The scene caused her to be outraged, which was one of the few times where she actually killed a part of her creation.

Then there were the countless times where Gannondorf also tried to lure Link into a triangle of dark lust.

Each incident was worse then the last.

And there were even times where Gannondorf succeeded in raping the "Hero of Time"

It was those sick events that caused Sclyina to go into all the different possible timelines Hyrule had and kill Gannondorf in all but one.

The one where Link had defeated Gannon and sent him back into the Sacred Realm. Even though the threat of his return existed only in that reality, Jenna his wife who is a descended of the Silverlite race, possessed the power over the elements and was a strong enough warrior to protect that version of Hyrule on her own.

She folded her dragon wings over her chest, the spikes on the edges of her wings dangled behind her trimmed legs; her lion lips parted, revealing sharp dagger like fangs behind them. Her lizard like claws gripped down harder onto the railing she was holding, as the dark and tainted memories of twisted evil plagued her mind like a deadly disease.

The memories continued, causing the slits in her green eyes to widen. She remembered all the times when Link went insane. Sclyina remembered it like it was yesterday. She swiftly turned her head away, trying to erase the memories haunting her, but it was a vein attempt.

Again came the memories of when Link went suicidal, rushing threw her mind like a raging river.

One instance in one timeline, after Link defeated Gannondorf, he refused to be sent back in time. After he denied this to Zelda, she planned a secret plot of revenge, wanting to have him hanged for rape against her and others in Hyrule.

Causing Link to shrink into the blackness, as Navi was his only friend, though that only turned out to be for naught as it was only a friendship of lust. And even after that, he still killed himself. Her face twisted at the fowl memory, her ears flattened against her head as she remember the after shocks of that incident. Most of the neighboring worlds fell sick, due to the fact that Link's connection with the Triforce was severed, causing Hyrule to fall ill. What a disaster that was. It was like a deadly prophecy had come true, plaguing the quite lives of other races nearby.

Sclyina made a small groan rumble in her throat as it slowly rose up and out her mouth.

Her lips curling back more, reveling more of her deadly fangs. Curse that incident, it was hell as she remembered the devastation she had to fix after she revived Link. And that was not even the only one. There was also one timeline where Link felt so under pressure from having to complete his duties as "Hero of Time, that he committed suicide right inside the Temple of Time. And the timeline when he went crazy after Navi committed suicide, due to the fact that she a fairy was in love with a half-elven.

Again the disasters that caused. She tightened her grip on the railing, her tail swishing vigorously as the memories of death continued. The timeline where Gannondorf tricked Link into believing that only one person can survive with the Triforce. In that dark hour, Link killed Zelda then let Gannondorf kill him. He was actually tricked into believing the crazy notion that he was a tattered, tortured soul and should die anyway. There were even the times where Link went on a killing spree. Like one where he felt like he was repeating the same events over and over again. This caused him to have an insanity trip, so he made sure that he killed everyone possible, including all his friends, them himself so he would not have to repeat the events again.
And it was in those timelines where she was not allowed to revive the people he left dead in his wake.

Again it was another disaster where Sclyina had to fix the tragic events that plagued the races of neighboring worlds when Link's connection with the Triforce was severed.

She even remembered the time where a faceless dark evil invaded Hyrule and ravaged the land in the act of blood lust.

The way this being killed its victims sickened Sclyina. How anyone could kill with such twisted evil, caused Sclyina to fill with rage as she remembered the way some of the victims died. She remembered how Epona was hung from a tree by her legs, her throat slit, how Saria was mangled to death, how Malon was pulled apart, people being burned to death, the pain, the suffering, the lives lost, so many lives lost….."NO!" She roared. The thoughts being too much for her to bear.

Her claws ripped into the railing, mangling it under her immense strength as she gritted her long fangs together. Breathing heavily, she swiftly spread her wings out wide, her white gown whipping wildly around her clawed feet as her body shook with a deadly rage. She stared wide-eyed at a blanket of nothingness as she was blinded by the flashing memories of twisted darkness. She feared for the lives of her children, she knew she had the power to stop anything, but it was her morals that was making her feel so helpless.

"Link." Came the slight whisper as it passed her muzzled lips.

"Nothing must become of you, or all will perish."

Sclyina said barely audible as she rose her face skyward. Sclyina out stretched her wings and placed one of her clawed feet up on the mangled railing.

The three clawed like gargoyle foot helped brace her as she got ready to push her self off the balcony, and take flight. Just as she started to push herself off, the sound of hooves clicking on the stone floor in the room behind her made her ears perk up.

The clicking came closer until it was right behind her. "Excuse my interruption Mother, but I need to speak with you." "It is of great importance."

Sclyina lowered her foot and turned to see a white ice unicorn standing behind her. The unicorn's black eyes shone with great urgency. "Ice Dancer my daughter, what is wrong?" Sclyina said, her eyes filled with worry. "You must come quickly Mother, there's something wrong in Hyrule." "Link is in grave danger."

"What's wrong daughter, what danger is Link in?!"

"It's Gannondorf, Mother."

"In the timeline where Gannondorf still exists he's returned to seek vengeance on Link." "He's already hunted down his family and is preceding to take out his revenge on them."

Ice Dancer said with begging urgency.
Sclyina just stared at her with unblinking eyes, her whole being shaking as if there was an earthquake.

"We must act quickly my child, where are your sister and brother?"

"They have already arrived at the Temple of Seeking." Ice Dancer returned.

Sclyina turned and put her clawed foot back on the mangled railing and pushed herself off, taking flight. The ice unicorn soon followed, spreading her ice wings and taking flight, following Sclyina in pursuit. Turning her head she stared at the ice unicorn following her.

"We must hurry daughter!" "Time is of the essence!" Sclyina cried out over the hollowing wind as they swiftly flew to the west, towards the Temple of Seeking.

The sky was setting off tones of deep pink, and lavender, the sun nearly fading from the horizon as Sclyina and Ice Dancer arrived at the Temple of Seeking. Landing softly on the cobblestone road that led to the Temple, Sclyina watched as the sun slowly faded into the horizon while Ice Dancer landed near by, her hooves clicking on the cobblestone as she landed. Swiftly Sclyina turned and faced the Temple of Seeking, her face reflecting concern, her eyes filled with fear as she walked down the cobblestone road, the Temple looming over her as she came closer.

Stopping in front of the massive ivory doors, Ice Dancer came to a stop behind Sclyina as she waved a clawed hand, a white light started glowing around it, the scales of her hand reflecting off the light as it reached to the ivory doors, slowly opening them. Walking inside, Sclyina walked down the dimly lit corridors, the only source of light came from the torches lit along the ivory walls. They made their way to the central chamber, the place where the Crystal of Seeking rested. Slowly the doors to the Central Chamber opened, reveling a beautifully set room.

A soft white glow illuminated the room, its pearl white walls reflecting off the smooth glassy floor. The room was a circular shape, it's dome shaped ceiling shone with beautiful paintings of each species of life Sclyina created.

And at the very center of the paintings sat the Triforce as the symbol for the creation of all life. In the center sat the Crystal of Seeking. It's peaceful glow extending it's reach into the dark corridor Sclyina was standing in.

Waking forth, two figures looked up in Sclyina's direction. Moving in front of the crystal, the shapes revealed a massive muscular black dragon and a beautiful pink like cat with blue eyes and a long tail.

Seemingly able to float on air without the aid of wings, the pink cat moved over towards Sclyina and stopped in front of her, hovering over the ground as if no gravity was present. The pink creature bowed then her aqua blue eyes looked into Sclyina's. "Thank goodness you're here Mother, you must come quickly." "The situation on Planet Gaia is escalating, Link's life is in danger." "Gannondorf' is getting closer to completing his revenge against Link."

The pink cat said, her blue eyes welling up with fear. "Mew my child, we must act quickly then." Sclyina replied, folding her wings over her chest and advancing towards the crystal.

The four of them surrounded the Crystal of Seeking, its soft white glow getting brighter as they concentrated their energy into it, giving the crystal life. Slowly as if a portal was being opened up in time, images of figures fighting appeared in the crystal's center. Soon the crystal revealed a figure in green standing in front of four smaller figures, sword raised poised like a cobra waiting to strike.

Another figure was slowly advancing on the figure in green, with a sword raised that must have been at least ten feet long. Sclyina soon realized that the figure in green was Link, and all the four of them could do was watch in horror as the events unfolded before them.

Chptr. 2 Discovering new powers

Gannondorf advanced slowly on Link, his black sword reflecting off the sun, his grin widening into a sneer, as he knew he was getting closer to completing his revenge. Link stood poised, Master Sword in hand, his blue eyes turned to ice as he watched the twisted evil figure mover forward, ready to lash out at any time. He knew what the evil being wanted; his family. Link stood in front of four small figures, three of them curled into balls crying,

while the eldest one held a small sword. His children were the most precious things to Link next to his beautiful wife Jenna, but Gannondorf knew that, so he knew that killing Link's family would be worse then death for the hero.

He would have to live with their death on his hands for the rest of his life and Gannondorf knew that Link's suffering would be a fitting satisfaction for his revenge.
Link stood steadfast against the towering beast that loomed over him. Sword raised, ready to strike at any moment. All Jenna could do was watch helplessly from where Zelda had held her, encircled by Hyrule's population as they watched Link ready to protect their four children.

Then suddenly one of the two youngest twins, looked up towards Jenna, her brown eyes filled with fear as tears welled up in them, arms out stretched. "Mommy please help me!" "Mommy please!" The little girl cried hysterically. Jenna gripped down into the ground for all it was worth, it was all should could do to keep her from running to where her crying child was sitting. Tears welled up in her eyes as she watched her little daughter's pleas to save her. "Its ok Reena, mommies right here, just stay right were you are, daddy will protect you!" Jenna cried her face

stained with tears as her daughter continued her pleas for help.
Suddenly the eldest son ran from behind Link, holding the Koriri sword up in front of him and stood next to his father ready to join the fight. "NO…Link my son what are you doing!?" Jenna cried as she tried feebly to push past the sages who held her back, preventing her from running out into danger. Zelda looked at her, her blue eyes staring down into Jenna's as she placed a hand on her shoulder, shaking her head as Jenna fell into a heap crying.

Link looked at his son, who was next to him, his Kokiri sword raised as he posed into a fighting stance. "My son get back behind me, you cannot fight this beast as well, you're not strong enough!" Link yelled, his eyes continuing to watch Gannondorf as he advanced closer. "But father I'm thirteen years old, I've been training since I was six when you and mother gave me the Kokiri sword when I became of age."

"I think I'm ready now to test my skills in battle!" Link jr. yelled back, his icy blue eyes watching the beast looming over them. "I said no my son!" "Now get back behind me..NOW!" Link returned, his expression turning serious. Just then a loud cackling laugh surrounded them.

"So the boy wants to try and fight me, eh?"

"Well then let him try!" Gannondorf laughed again, his face twisting into a devilish grin. "Gannondorf you monster, I will fight you along side my father!" "You will have to got threw us to get to my sisters and brother!" Link jr. scowled as he stepped forward, his sword out stretched. "I think I will enjoy that!" Gannondorf said as he moved closer, raising his sword as he got ready to strike the boy down. "Now boy, lets see what you're made of!" Gannondorf sneered.

Just then another figure moved out from behind Link. The second youngest, an eleven-year-old blonde, stepped forward as she dried her tears and raised the small bow she held. Nocking an arrow, the young girl aimed it directly at Gannondorf's head, her blue eyes staring directly down into his. "If you want to go threw my father and brother, then you'll have to go threw me!"

The girl cried, ready to strike. " you are brave little one, but that is not going to save you." Gannondorf mused, his red eyes eying the young girl over. "Elyesia get back NOW!" "I cannot risk loosing you as well!" Link yelled, his face filling with fear as he eyed his young daughter getting ready to join their battle. "No father I will not." Elyesia returned. "I will not sit back and let this monster hurt you and Link." "Specially he will go after Roan, Renna and mother if we do not stop him now, together." The young warrior replied, her eyes narrowing as she took aim.

Link just stared at her with unblinking eyes, his expression full of shock. He could not believe how brave his daughter was. Only eleven and ready to battle, it was unbelievable, even to him. Then more shuffling was heard as two more little figures moved forward.

The two youngest twins took their places next to their sister and father. The little girl's big brown eyes stared down into her father's as he looked at her. "I will fight too daddy, I want to help." The small girl said as she dried her tears and gripped his free hand. "I will too daddy, another voice called to him, I will also fight, we will protect mommy together." A small boy no older then six, the other twin with medium brown hair, looked over at his father, his icy blue eyes reflecting the sun's rays as he pulled out the Fairy Slingshot, put a Deku Seed in it, then took aim at Gannondorf's face. "Well...well, isn't this amusing, these little brats of yours think their going to be able stop me!" Gannondorf bust out laughing at the sight, his eyes watering as he watched Link's four children aim their puny weapons in a feeble attempt to stop them.

"OH MY GOD... Roan, Reena...not you too!" Jenna cried, rushing forward, breaking free of the grip Impa and Nabooru had on her. She ran forward and stumbled, crashing to the ground.

Looking up she saw her children standing there in the mists of the evil beast that was closing in on them. "We'll be ok mommy, Reena called, don't worry about us."

Jenna watched as the rest of her children looked over at her, each giving her a comforting glance before returning their stares back at Gannondorf. Jenna out stretched her hand, pleaded for her children to come to her, but to no avail. It was as if she wasn't even there, as they continued to stand with their father, eyeing their opponent wiry ready to strike.

Gannondorf advanced closer, until he was practically breathing down on them, his sword raised in front of him as he prepared to strike them down.

"This is going to be amusing." Gannondorf sneered his face twisting into a vicious smile. Raising his sword he prepared to strike down the youngest girl, the blunt of the blade almost hitting her when a loud scream filled the air...

NO!!!! OH MY GODDESSES NO!!!! Jenna screamed as sheer pain begun to shoot threw her body, REENA!!

Jenna cried again as she doubled over, her back arcing as it started pulsating.

Her dress ripped as Hugh brown-like dragon wings shot up from her back, unfurling to reveal large spikes on the tips. She screamed, clawed into the ground as pain begun to surge threw the lower part of her body.

Her dress ripped again as a long lion's tail sprang out, the tip sprouting a puff of dark brown fur.

Her legs budged ripping her dress yet again as her legs grew longer, her feet changing into the feet of a gargoyle, the skin changing as short brown fur sprang up slowly covering her body.

She felt her body twist, convulsing as she sat hunched on her clawed feet, feeling the pain shoot up into her arms and hands as they started to change.

Slowly brown fur sprang out, covering her arms until about mid arm, tuffs of fur hung at the elbows. Then she watched in horror as her mid arms slowly grew greenish yellow scales, as her fingers slowly changed into extremely long pointed claws. Digging her long lizard claws into the ground, she bucked her head back and screamed, her mouth opened to revel long sharp fangs growing inside as her face slowly changed into a lion's muzzle. Short brown fur covered her face, her long beautiful brownish blonde hair changed into a long ragged white mane as cat ears slowly replaced her human ones.
Then the creature's eyelids popped open reveling eerie green eyes inside, the black slits piercing deep into the soul.

Having the transformation being complete, there stood a Hugh cat beast where Jenna once stood, its fangs drooping over its lip as its deep green eyes gave Gannondorf an icy cold stare.

Then the creature bucked its head back and cried into the air, its ear-piercing roar caused everyone to grab their ears in pain as they all dropped to their knees screaming.

The moments seemed like an eternity as the creature's cry ripped threw their ears, the throbbing pain making their eardrums feel like bursting.

Then all went dead as the creature lowered its head and looked at Gannondorf once more. With an evil look on the creature's face, it arced its back, pulling its clawed hands and feet together, wings out stretched.

With a loud hiss, the creature started to under go another transformation.

A row of spikes slowly rose out the creature's back, extending from the top of it's back to the rear quarters.

Then it stretched out its tail as another row of smaller spikes rose up near the tip of its tail while a horn rose up on its face above the eyes.

Opening its mouth, the fangs inside grew thinner, turning them into snake fangs as the sacks inside the creature's mouth filled up with a deadly poison.

Looking back up the creatures green eyes changed into a hollow less blood red, as if no pupils ever existed inside its eye sockets.

With a sneer, the creature curled its lips back, exposing its snake like fangs as they glistened under the sun.

Thick saliva dripped off them, as the creature slowly advanced towards Gannondorf, causing Link and his children to move back in fear.

Its hollow less blood red eyes sent soul piercing shivers down Link's spine as the creature looked over at him.

"Get back Link, Gannondorf' is mine."

The creature hissed. Its voice sounding like something straight from hell.

"I'm going to kill him myself." All Link could do was move back in disbelief, was Jenna, his beloved wife still inside that creature, was she still alive?

His blue eyes filled with fear as he rallied his children and pushed them away.

The two youngest crying, screaming for their mother's return.

Then the creature returned its deadly glare back on Gannondorf, snarling as thick saliva dripped out its mouth, its intentions clear upon its face.
"Its over now Gannondorf, come and meet your fate."

The cat beast snarled, its teeth bared as it advanced closer.

"So you think you can beat me beast?"

Gannondorf mused, his red eyes staring down into the creatures hollow less ones.

"You really don't know what you're messing with."

The creature sneered, its face turning into a vicious grin. "The poison contained inside my sacks, is ten times deadlier than that of the Black Mamba Snake."

"One prick from my claws or fangs, means instant death!"

The creature said in a long hiss as it bucked its head back and opened its mouth, expelling a long spray of the deadly poison right at Gannondorf's feet.

The ground sizzled as the poison ate into it, sending long tendrils of smoke into the air.

"Is that proof enough?" The creature hissed again.

Gannondorf's eyes widened, the red pupils shrinking with a slight fear.

He clutched his fingers tighter around the hilt of his sword, raising it up in front of him.

His face twisted into a devilish grin as his lips curled back reveling his yellow stained teeth.

"So the beast has more then I thought, this should be a worthy challenge." Gannondorf mused.

"Well beast...lets see what else you've got." Gannondorf taunted, his out stretched hand gesturing for the cat beast to come forth.

With a loud cry the creature lowered its head, exposing its horn as it rushed forward with break neck speed.

Just before the creature's horn connected with gannondorf's chest, he sidestepped, causing the creature to come to a skidding halt several steps behind him.

With a snarl, the creature rushed forth again, catching Gannondorf off guard and bashing into him with its shoulder, sending him flying into a nearby tree.

With a loud thud Gannondorf hit the ground, dazed and in pain. Just as he begun to shake off the dizziness, he felt something snake around his leg.

The creature wrapped its long tail around his ankle and proceeded to spin in a circle, causing Gannondorf to scream out as his very being was being thrust into a tornado of searing pain.

Then the creature released its grip on Gannondorf, sending him flying into the stonewall that ran threw Hyrule Field. Gannondorf crashed to the ground dazed, blood streaming out the corners of his mouth.

The cat beast advanced slowly towards Gannondorf, its nostrils flaring as it sniffed the surrounding air, checking for any signs of life.

Looming over him, the beast's hollow less eyes stared at his closed ones, watching for any signs of movement when suddenly a broad hand swiftly connected with the creature's face, sending the beast crashing to the ground a few feet away. " hell with this!" Gannondorf said wiping the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand.

Staggering to his feet, he walked slowly over to where the beast laid in a heap. Taking his boot he turned the beast over on its back, looking down at its closed eyes before reaching down and grabbing the beasts throat and raising it into the air.
"Now its time to end this!"

Gannondorf yelled as he slowly started to tighten his grip around the creature's throat. Gannondorf's twisted laugh filled into the air as he heard the coughs of labored pain pass the creature's muzzled lips.

Then the beast's hollow less eyes flew open, the emptiness burning like furnaces, as the images of fires rose in them.

With a loud cry the creature kicked Gannondorf in the stomach causing him to release his grip around the creature's throat. Hunched over, Gannondorf reached over and grabbed his sword, slowly rising himself off the ground.

He looked around but the beast seemed to have disappeared. "Where the hell are you...BEAST?!" Gannondorf yelled. "Show you're self or I will Kill Link and his family!"

Gannondorf quickly turned as he heard a rustling sound behind him, raising his sword he readied to strike. His muscles tensed up as the dead silence continued, his patience growing tiresome. "This is your last chance beast to save your beloved Link!" He yelled as a sudden figure with immense strength jumped on him from behind, its fangs sinking down into his neck injecting its deadly poison into his body.

With a loud scream Gannondorf crashed to the ground, blood trickling down his neck as the creature closed its mouth tighter around his neck, burrowing it's fangs in deeper.

Gannondorf gasped, his hands feebly trying to claw at the beasts face, his eyes widening with fear as he felt his body slowly going numb, the deadly poison taking its toll.

With one last attempt Gannondorf reached around and ripped the creature off of him causing blood to gush from the massive wounds on his neck as he thrust the creature across the ground, sending the beast to a skidding halt a few feet away.

Falling to his hands, Gannondorf sat in a pool of his own blood as the last ounces of his strength left his body, life slowly slipping away. With one last gasp, Gannondorf crashed to the ground, the last ounces of life leaving his body as wide eyes stared at the world one last time. "How can...this be?"

"I cannot loo..." Were the last words to pass his lips as death finally claimed him. Struggling to get up the creature slowly raised its head, looking at the dead heap laying just a few feet away just before unconsciousness claimed it.

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